Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Too Late, Too Late

Chelsea Hoffman's Current Publicity Photograph

Now here’s a question for you. Why do you think Pat Brown and Chelsea Hoffman have been trying to get their books out now?

After all, years and years have passed and there are  only months to go before  the criminals at Operation Grange finish their cover-up work so brilliantly described  by Brown. Surely the sensible thing to do is to wait until then and  ride the surf of renewed public interest, traipsing  around the TV studios telling us all how they and Chelsea’s friend Birch had been right all along and then selling zillions of copies. Oh, and seeking justice.
Another view of Chelsea Hoffman

So why don’t they?
Because  the word, or call it a whisper,  is that Grange is going to come out of the investigation with an honest  result and extremely clean hands and that’s no use at all to Pat ’n’ Chel and the rest of the mad bunch, is it? So they’d love the suckers to buy before they’re proved  to be not just wrong but f*****g stupid.
M/S Brown With Fellow Researcher

But then you could even ask the same question of those unparalleled sleuths Summers and Swan, who produced the "updated" edition of their Madeleine masterpiece in 2015, not long after the ink on the first edition was dry, rather than waiting for 2016.

Gosh, it's huge!
Despite the wondrous "24 more burglaries" that Grange duped them with it didn't contain anything convincing to justify the "update". They don't seem to be  looking forward to the end of Grange with any confidence  either. 

But we are.

"Abused for his stance" One can see why.